It was the biggest snowboard movie ever made (and most likely will remain so until the next Brain Farm movie comes out in 2016). Get psyched for southern hemisphere snow season with some Art Of Flight!

T-Rice and friends, standing on mountains, being filmed by a helicopter that’s being filmed by a helicopter! Shot in glorious 1,000 frame per second slow motion! With a soundtrack especially written by the guy from M83! Of course it’s the glorious spectacle that is ‘The Art of Flight’:

Not many know how much it took to create this incredible this incredible production though, here’s some standout stats!

– Between January 2010 and August 2011 the Brain Farm crew shot an impressive 2,683 hrs of footage!
– 210 TB of hard drive space was used
– 22,660 miles were spent on snowmobiles
– They drove 30,000 miles
– During transit, 38 hours were spent in customs in Los Angeles, CA and Santiago, Chile.
– The crew chewed through 3,000 pieces of nicorette gum
– Cinematographer Jared Slater consumed 763 cans of Red Bull
– In total they shredded virgin peaks in 5 different continents, and flew a hell of a lot of helicopters to get there!

Now that kind of dedication is worth a watch!

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