South To Sian World Premiere Tour – Dubai

The South To Sian global premiere events have been gathering steam – rolling out across the world over the past month to raucous crowds in popular Deus haunts around the globe. Fans of free spirited adventure gathered around big screens in Dubai, Bangkok, Zurich, Lisbon, Cape Town, Montreal, London and of course Tokyo and Bali to be delighted by the sheer magnitude of the vast odyssey that is South To Sian.

Reports have come back from the nirvanas of custom culture of mind meltingly good times, hot BBQ’s and cold beers – voyage plans were rife amongst the revellers as the movie caused many to question their life decisions. Dustin Humphrey, Harrison Roach, Zye Norris Forest Minchinton, Woody Gooch (photographer) and Anthony Dodds (producers) toured with most of the events and were welcomed onstage with gusto, the Q&A at times having to be cut off due to excited questions from the crowd stretching on past the hour mark.

From Montreal’s 1930s cabaret style screening, Cape Town’s community ride and event, Allpress Roastery’s epic set up in London and the bonanza of custom bikes that appeared in Bangkok, each premiere brought its own unique flavour to the celebration of the new film – over 2 years in the making.

For now the global tour rolls on, stopping next in Australia at Sydney’s Orpheum Theatre and in the USA at the Art Theatre in Long Beach, California both on Thursday the 30th of June. A few tickets are still available for each at: Sydney Premiere or USA Premiere.

The worldwide online release is slated for mid-July, to stream via Garage Entertainment.


Artist: Sons Of The East

Song: Hold On