Weird Waves Of The World – Berlin

Back to Germany now but this time we welcome you to Berlin, our new home for Weird Waves Of The World┬ávol.8, yep that’s right, Berlin. tumblr_miqcj8KYe61ro2pruo1_r4_1280_ Before we delve into this creation here is a little fact about surf in Germany: Berlin is Approximately 600 km’s away from the nearest coastline with a semi decent wave, surf in Germany only occurs when extreme winds, from the right direction, push Great-Lake-like swells against the northern coast, providing a fleeting chance, in only a couple secluded locations, to surf choppy waves a couple times a year. tumblr_lyj4hvXeea1ro2pruo2_r1_1280_ What creates this bizarre phenomenon you ask? A giant ship thats passes by a shallow Baltic harbor sandbar just two hours north of downtown Berlin, quite similar to the Wave Gasoline (also on our list) tumblr_m762c9BZUp1ro2pruo1_r1_1280_ This unusual wave is almost impossible to catch, breaking big enough to surf about once a week, if that and the reality of it….you may never get to surf it (put away the bucket list on this one), the 30 year old ship that produces this wave will be replaced soon by a ship with less power, disabling it from pushing out a wake big enough to surf. tumblr_m77c84JPTm1ro2pruo1_r1_1280_ The wave was discovered by a keen Californian Surfer by the name of Ira Mowen who moved to Germany in 2005, never in his wildest dreams did he expect to see a wave break in the country side nowhere near a coastline. tumblr_ly9t7olAl51ro2pruo1_r4_1280_ Captivated by this wave, Ira has set out to not only surf it but document his discovery and the fascinating vibe around this bizarre wave, keep your eyes peeled for the documentary Surf Berlin, watch the video below of the peeling right hander created by the passing ship:

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