Kayaking at 4530m High in the Himalayas

In the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal, there is a hidden kingdom called Dolpo or Dolpa. It’s a very isolated region that has been forbidden to foreigners for many years, however it has recently been reopened. Situated at the border of Tibet, it is incredibly remote, with a minimum altitude of 3000m.

So when 5 world-class kayak paddlers choose it as their adventure location, they must prepare for a full expedition.

Once at the start of the river, they have to face many challenges. Mainly the cold and its consequences: frozen water and snow covering the Langu Kola river. They will travel through 550km of river, dropping over 4400m in elevation. All that in 30 days autonomy on the top of the world. But luckily it gets warmer towards the end…

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