Meet Waveski World Champion Ben ‘Wogga’ John

Meet Ben “Wogga” John, Hailing from the Northern beaches of Sydney, Wogga is surrounded by former and current world champs in all different water sports from Men’s Surfing World Champions Tommy Carroll and Barton Lynch and Women’s Surfing Champ Layne Beachley to BodyBoard world champion Ben Player, Wogga sits on the podium right next to these legends as a former World Waveski champion, there must be something in the water in northern Sydney.


Wogga is pushing the absolute limits with huge above the lip moves you’d usually see on a bodyboard combined with massive fins out turns, not to mention epic tube rides to excel this unfamiliar competitive sport, Wogga is turning heads in every lineup with his massive bag of crazy tricks, check it out:

wogga-drop wogga_2 wogga3