NEWS? | A 57 Year Old Executive Quietly Breaks Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump Record

Did you know that a Senior Vice President of Google quietly broke Felix Baumgartner’s space jump record last year? We didn’t ! Yes this may not be news in the newest sense but it’s news to us!

Check the video below. Without a great deal of fanfare, a Google executive named Alan Eustace broke the world record for the highest-altitude skydive on October 24th last year (2014).

From the New York Times: “It was a wild, wild ride,” he said. “I hugged on to the equipment module and tucked my legs and I held my heading.” “To break an aviation record is incredibly significant,” said Mark Kelly, the former astronaut, who viewed Mr. Eustace’s ascent. “There is an incredible amount of risk. To do it safely is a testament to the people involved.” Mr. Eustace’s maximum altitude was initially reported as 135,908 feet. Based on information from two data loggers, the final number being submitted to the World Air Sports Federation is 135,890 feet. The previous record set by Felix Baumgartner on 14 October 2012 was 128,100 ft.

The New York Times says, “Eustace planned the jump in secrecy, working for almost three years with a small group of technologists”. Eustace said Google was willing to help with the project, but he declined company support, worried that his jump would become a marketing event.’ Well how do you like them apples? Check the video here…

Photograph by J. Martin Harris Photography / PSDC