DC Mtn. Lab – A Snowboarders Dream

The DC Mountain Lab was a private snowboard park in Park City, Utah, owned and operated by DC president and co founder Ken Block. Signature features included a box that ran through the living room of the house, a wallride at the end of the run, a staircase complete with handrails, a large pink disarmed missile, and two road gaps. Dope.

It also had 8 snowmobiles, a bunch of motorbikes and its own snowcat for building jumps and grooming the snow. 

Unfortunately, as of 2008, all man made obstacles, birms, rails, and other obstacles were removed, and the property has been mostly returned to its previous condition as part of an agreement with The Preserve homeowners association of the area. Devastating.

This footage is from the rad snowboarding film ‘Now You Know’. Check it out in the Garage library or view the trailer below.