Nuit De La Glisse

The latest film from Nuit de la Glisse. A tale of men and women drawn by the magnetic force of unleashed elements. Following the critically acclaimed ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ trilogy, film director Thierry Donard has pulled out all the stops in his latest film project. The team travelled to some of the world’s most remote locations, from New Zealand to Pakistan, from Portugal to the Islands of Tahiti, combining the latest camera technology with athletes at the pinnacle of their disciplines to bring the experience of a modern day adventure to audiences across the globe.

Big wawes session in Nazare, Portugal, for “Nuit de la Glisse” movie shooting

Pack your bags and join the crew, as we set off on the adventure of a lifetime.
MAGNETIC will take you on a breathtaking journey around the globe, from the forests of the French Alps to the turquoise waters of Tahiti, from the towering peaks of Pakistan to the colossal surf of Portugal. Experience the thrills of a multitude of extreme sports first hand, with a handful of exceptional athletes in their eternal quest for the perfect moment.

Feel the wind in your face and watch the ground speed by beneath your feet
with a birds eye view as you speed ride over the New Zealand slopes. Take to two wheels on paths through hidden forests, exploring enchanted trails full of possibilities for trying out new tricks. Or get your psyche on for the winter season, dropping in on the steep skiing run of your life on the untouched and unexplored slopes of the Karakoram mountains. Sit back and enjoy this incredible journey ~ from snowy mountain slopes to sun kissed seas. The Nuit de la Glisse team has the controls, just relax and enjoy the ride!

You’d never plan to spend your life chasing the elements, watching changes to the sky or the swell…you’d never think that you’d travel across the whole world searching for a wave, a line or a perfect moment… but once you experience the joy that this lifestyle brings, you will always be drawn to the natural world like a magnet, in the hope that it never ends.

Watch Magnetic – A true adventure film here