Daewon Skates An Insane Truck Gap

Daewon Song is undeniably one of the most technical skaters of all time. He is best known for being able to shred flat ground or a mini ramp, but you might not instantly associate him with skating gnarly stuff. And because he’s so damn good it doesn’t really matter if he throws himself down huge rails or sets. The thing is however, he does!



In case you forgot, here’s a section from Daewon’s ‘Almost – Round Three’ part in which he skates an insane gap from the roof of one truck to another. Shortly after throwing down a few tricks over this thing he sets up some rails and grinds over this gap like it’s nothing, reminding everyone why he’s one of the best. The funny thing is that although this video is more than ten years old, this level of skating is still so much more gnarly than what a lot of the pros are doing today.



 Click through to watch clip: