Previously unreleased Surf Masterpiece from 2006!

Part visual diary, part surf film, ‘7 Destinos’ is a time capsule of pure and raw surfing from an era with no Instagram.

Twelve years ago Alejandro Berger traveled non stop for two years filming surfing and culture; at the end of this he edited “7 Destinos” – featuring unseen footage of who’s who of surfing’s elite from the mid-naughties in iconic locations including Indonesia, Mexico, Tahiti, Hawaii, South Africa, Basque Country and Chile.

Then it sat on a hard drive, collecting dust … until now.

Features epic, previously unseen footage of Andy Irons, Corey Lopez, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Parko, Rasta, Greg & Rusty Long, Tom Curren, Cory Lopez, JOB, Shane Dorian, Reef McIntosh, Mark Healey, Dingo, Shane Dorian, Jordy Smith, Rizal Tanjung, Nathan Hedge, Damien Hobgood, Dave Wassell to name but a few…

The film also pays tribute to to Berger’s close friend, Malik Joyeux (featured on his XXL award winning wave on the film’s cover art).

Garage proudly presents, in glorious SD, from the mid-2000s archives of one of surfing’s most talented cinematographers (known for his stunning lens work on many of Taylor Steele’s films, including Proximity, Castles In The Sky, Missing and Sipping Jetstreams).