Seven Epic Coldwater Adventures

From Iceland to Russia, Canada to Alaska we’ve done a wrap up of the coldest places on earth that surfers have dared to explore to trade the rat race, crowded line ups and boardshorts for ice cream headaches, beautiful surroundings, astonishing back drops and not a single soul in sight, enjoy 7 of the coldest places on earth that film makers and surfers have dared to venture and the story behind their journey. 00020005-copy Strange Rumblings // Globe’s surf movie of the year ‘Strange Rumblings’ features the coldest place on earth Iceland. Watch the Globe team surf fun waves on their brisk adventure, where Nate Tyler, Dion Agius, and Brendon Gibbens suit up and wander into an iceberg laden lineup. This Time Tomorrow // Craig Anderson, Rasta, Chris Del Moro head to Alaska to shoot for the final film of Taylor Steele’s Sipping Jetsreams Saga ‘This Time Tomorrow’. Follow these guys on their crazy journey as they chase one swell around the world. 8 days, 7 continents and 18,000 miles later.glasert_2011TTT_118 DARK-FALL-Apple-ProRes-422-for-Progressive-material-High-Quality-1 Dark Fall // New Jersey surfing? Who would have thought. This film gives an in depth look at the lifestyle of a cold-water surfer and glorifies the most prestigious and naturally beautiful time for a New Jersey surfer, during Fall. Russia.154218 Russia // Travel with Chris Burkard, Keith Malloy, Dane Gudauskas, Trevor Gordon, Foster Huntington and Cyrus Sutton as they go on a trip of a life-time to Russia’s forbidden peninsula, Kamchatka. An amazing travel film with stunning cinematography. MG_9155 North Of The Sun // Winner of the GRAND PRIZE & PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD – Banff Film Festival. a multi-award winning travel / Surf documentary staring two Norwegian buddies, Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum who spent nine months of cold, Norwegian winter in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote, arctic island by the coast of Northern-Norway. Castles In The Sky // Another one from the Taylor Steele collection, Castles In the Sky is a visual whirlwind that follows surfers to the farthest reaches of the known surf world and beyond. Castles in the Sky is a completely new approach to surf filmmaking. Filmed in five countries over three years. AlaskaSesh.161525 And finally, our FILM OF THE WEEK // Set in the Gulf of Alaska, along an isolated and scenically spectacular winter coastline, Alaska Sessions is an original surf film that captures a soulful search for undiscovered waves…Check out ‘ Alaska Sessions’ a group of dedicated surfers willing to brave the cold for a wave to themselves.