RADiculous vol.3 – Rad, Stupid, Funny, Whacky, Weird, WTF From Around The Web

RAD3 Welcome back to RADiculous // Your weekly wrap up of the Raddest, Stupidest, Funniest, Weirdest, Whackiest, WTF action sports images and junk from around the web, all wrapped up in a nice neat bow just for you to feast your little eyes. Get on it! 51a4ad790966c44ba8e10fbd838036de_Skate & Die Part 2919974_10152802792390360_92399144_o_ What are friends for?!944694_10152896311110360_803858147_n_ Glacier boarding!3ce641bb12f9a41e994976ac8f39e9c8_ Oh F#uck!a02388e12306e888a81152962c6f9cf7_ EJECT!!!778abca7b56dc45b0fccdeda31045ed0_ Because Teahupoo isn’t gnarly enough733f0bf28882469c1e7364d02cedc30c_ Horizontally verticalf08b8752d407354e71ecd65a2ced2d53_ Dog Lyfeb6bda5e23dcbbba3dcba8f1d190e89c7_ Revenge of the bikersc42922ef0468b63d15f31892987261ee_ Tour De Brazilbf438e2c1b32c78cf7ea127b0d7f3d7b_wish i brought my surfboard