Skateboarding Just Got Better

Before we go any further, yes, this is a floating mini ramp and it is one of the most amazing things we’ve ever laid eyes on.Behind this masterpiece is professional Finnish Snowboarders Roope Tonteri and Eero Ettala, Skateboarding just so happens to be their second tier sport and damn they shred at it!roope-tonteri-melon-transferDuring the off season (as you can see) these boys find ways to keep themselves busy until snow starts to fall again, the pair had the brilliant idea of constructing a mini ramp, the plans including making it float to make use of Roope’s home backyard…a huge lake in Finland! With a little help from Roope’s dad and a couple skaters around the neighbour the boys got to it, the end result – outstanding to say the least.willis-kimbel-handplanttiWe can’t give these crafty snowboarders too much credit as this isn’t an original concept, it’s very similar to Bob Burnquist’s floating mini ramp on Lake Tahoe and the floating Volcom mini ramp featured in ‘True To This’ it does although have one stand alone feature, wait for it….the ramp comes with A BUILT IN SAUNA! Pure genius, now we’ve seen it all. Write this down on Santa’s Christmas wish list and enjoy the vid!Then head to Garage Entertainment and watch more epic Skate Movies.

eero-ettala-nosepickjaakko-ojanen-frontside-smithcrew-aftersauna-kouvala-hopfenspergerwillis-kimbel-lifestyle-kouvala-hopfenspergerAll Photo Credits: Florian Hopfensperger