Steph Surfing Greenmount is Hypnotic and Wonderful

According to many punters, Steph Gilmore recently stole the show from her male counterparts in Taylor Steele’s latest opus Proximity (no mean feat, as this lineup included Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Rasta, Ando, Rob Machado, Albee Layer and Shane Dorian). We’d like to throwback to one of our favourite sections in the last 5 years, when Steph stole the show from all her male counterparts in Andrew Kidman’s ode to Morning Of The Earth, ‘Spirit Of Akasha’.

The footage of Steph Gilmore riding a Dave Parmenter shaped single fin at Greenmount is hypnotic and definitely one for the ages. There’s something about Steph’s whole approach that is infectious, leaving the viewer energised and brimming with positivity and joy. This clip, along with one released previously that features Steph’s clip superimposed over Michael Peterson’s original Kirra sequence from MotE, clearly illustrate her optimism and connection with the ocean.‘ – Cass Selwood / Swellnet 

Without further ado, here’s a look at Spirit Of Akasha’s standout section featuring Steph Gilmore shredding Greenmount. In the true essence of the film’s inspiration, Morning of the Earth, the clip is also filmed entirely in super 8 film. Enjoy.


Click below to watch Spirit of Akasha (including the magical Steph section in its entirety) now: