Surfer Christopher Peterson is ‘The Warrior’

Hawaiian born Christopher Peterson pretty much lived to surf, but growing up on the North Shore of Oahu is no easy feat when you want to make a name for yourself in the surfing community. It got to a point where Christopher felt like the black sheep.

Eventually Christopher decided to reassess his priorities and focus on family responsibilities, but after moving to Idaho to support his grandmother he was met with shocking tragedy.

It was after a long 6 years that Christopher returned to the water to help him heal, realising that he could find solace in surfing the river waves of the American West. Now Christopher has been featured in an episode of the incredible ‘Of Souls and Water’, in which he aspires to explain his experiences to a bigger audience.

This is an intimate insight into Christopher’s life, an honest and raw perspective on the pressures of pursuing a professional surf career and how the sport & water can help you deal with some of the most poignant events of your life.

Check out Christopher in the fourth episode of  ‘Of Souls and Water’, THE WARRIOR