Ten Years Gone – A Skateboarding Love Story

The brutally honest documentary Ten Years Gone is an up close and personal look at the life of filmmaker and skateboarder Ben Duffy, the director of We Are Skateboarders, Heart Child and Street Boy.

The documentary delves into Ben’s tough up bringing and how his father walked out on him at a young age with the last words “Never speak to me again if you know what’s good for you”, that would haunt his childhood. As a result, Ben naturally took on hate towards his father and used Skateboarding as his savour and a guide to give him life direction. He would go on to pick up a camera and focus his attention on being a skate filmmaker and never look back.

‘When you get into the car with your friends and you know you’re going to skate..Nothing, else, matters”  – Ben Duffy

This 110 minute documentary features montages of some of Ben’s favour skate films and his heroes that influenced him growing up, Skaters he would soon become friends with and have access to after being given the task to revive the famous 80’s skate publication Poweredge magazine.

Ben uses a rootsy style of filmmaking that draws you in with self narration and home skate footage from when he was younger up until now with interviews from legends of the sport Arto Saari, Lance Mountain, Dayne Brummet and Sesai Parra and their views on the Skateboarding culture today.

Ten Years Gone is a documentary of mental and self-struggle and how skateboarding can save your life told by Ben Duffy. A must watch film for all passionate skateboarders.

‘Skating is the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten, and I didn’t have to ask for it’

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