Terrifying Great White Breaks Into Shark Cage

This is one way to start your honeymoon off with a bang!

A newlywed couple and group of friends decided to continue the marital festivities by going shark diving (as you do) off the coast of Gansbaai, South Africa. Bryan Plummer was watching from above, and recorded the entire event…

In what they assumed was a secure shark cage, the group got as close as they possibly could to the edge in hopes of getting a better view…


Uninterested in the well positioned bait far from the cage, the Great White proceeded to ram itself at the cage with incredible force, heading straight for the newlywed couple.

At one point this enormous creature fit the entirety of it’s terrifying jaws in the cage, the group of divers no where to be seen.


After a few tense moments which seem like a lifetime, the group appears unharmed and the shark retreats… this has got to be one of the luckiest escapes we’ve ever seen.

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