The Age Old Debate: Bodyboarders Vs Surfers

We’re all well aware of the tension between boogers and surfers. We all know how it goes. If you surf, you ‘hate’ boogers. If you booger, you ‘hate’ surfers. Just like skaters and scooters, short boards and long boards. Whether you believe it’s right or wrong, tension like this is inevitable when, at the end of the day you have two different sports out in the line-up competing for the same wave. Getting at each others throats is bound to happen at some point.

Holding On is the first ever feature length documentary on the sport of Bodyboarding. A focal point in the film is the bodyboarder vs surfer debate. The film tells how one article in a surf mag sparked hatred toward bodyboarders, which caused brutal violence in and out of the water and the rise of territorialism at some Australian surf breaks.

To find out more about this ongoing debate, and the history of bodyboarding, watch the full film below.