The Newest Sports To Join The 2020 Olympics

Earlier this month it was announced that skateboarding will become an event in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Additionally, surfing, sports climbing, karate and baseball will almost certainly be added to the program too.



The decision has come after years of pressure to include sports that appeal to the youth. The inclusion of these “urban” sports will aim to attract a wider audience, however it will surely face backlash from sporting purists. Whether you think it’s a good decision or not, these sports have become so popular that it would seem unfair not give them as much attention as other mainstream sports already in the Olympics.

Will the Olympics drastically change the skate and surf industry by placing it under the spotlight? Who knows, maybe it will spawn a new generation of shredders around the world. 



For now, the inclusion of these sports is in it’s early stages. Until we find out more, we’re left with so many questions. Will surfing take place in the sea or on artificial waves? Will skateboarding include both street and transition? Will they drug test skaters and surfers? Let’s hope not…



For the meantime, let’s get hyped on the fact that our favourite sports are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Hit up our library for plenty of surf, skate, and climbing stoke!