This is one of the scariest things you’ll ever see

Never show your mum this video(!):

Swedish ski freeriders & best friends, Kaj Zackrisson and Sverre Lilliquist, are always pushing the limits when it comes to taking on big mountain lines – constantly on the pursuit for their next big challenge.

Kaj Zackrisson  

Sverre Lilliquist

During filming for MSP’s ‘THE WAY I SEE IT’, the pro duo decided this was the perfect opportunity to take on the mammoth mountains of British Columbia. 

Little did they know they were both about to meet their match…


With a grimace, Kaj Zackrisson stated, ‘sometimes the little mistakes can turn into big mistakes’, a considerable understatement when you watch both skiers experience the same horrific crash.

Kaj & Sverre are two of the phenomenal athletes featured in the winner of Powder Magazine’s 2009 ‘Movie of the Year’, ‘THE WAY I SEE IT’. If you want to see the likes of Sean Pettit, Gus Kenworthy & Mark Abma taking on some of the greatest deep pow, steep lines and massive park features around the world, click the link below: