Top Indo surf spots – do you know where to go?

Indonesia is one of the prime locations for surfing, known for perfect surf breaks, beautiful white sand beaches and awesome swells. With amazing spots in Bali, Java and Sumatra to name a few, it’s hard to pick between locations if you’ve got limited time! No need to stress.. surf guide and self professed surf gypsy, Andy Schwartz, is here to help! Andy was recently featured in surf adventure film, ‘Know Where to go’, to help you plan the best trip possible!

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Having been in the surf guide industry for 4-5 years, Andy’s knowledge and experience makes him the perfect candidate to guide you to the best surf spots. Quite possibly the best job in the world!

 Andy joined forces with pro surfer Dimity Stole and junior champ larrikin, James ‘Woody’ Wood, on an adventure to discover remote Indonesia. The three different and unique surfers explore the treasures in and out of the water to show you the best that the country has to offer… it’s time to go!

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If you want to ‘Know Where to Go’ check out the film on Garage now!

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