VIDEO: Extreme Paragliding with the Acro Twins

Typically one might see paragliding as an adventure sport rather than an extreme sport.¬†It’s generally an activity that anyone can take part in; compared to a majority of extreme sports it doesn’t require too much physical movement and typically doesn’t involve dangerous manouvering. After watching this video however, you might have a different view towards the sport…

The Green brothers, AKA the ‘Acro Twins’ are professional paragliders who are currently pioneering the sport and really pushing the boundaries. ‘Lift’ follows the brothers as they travel the world in search of some of the best paragliding locations performing some of the most impressive stunts.¬†Headfirst launches from bridges, acro shows and D-bags from paramotors are just a few of the insane manouvers you’ll see in the film, but all are out shone by a headfirst launch from a crane perched high on a Parisian skyscraper.

The films cinematography is also on point, capturing some really solid footage as the twins travel from America to Europe, and back again.

Check out ‘Lift’ on the garage now.