Vintage Bruce Irons For Your Viewing Pleasure



Remember Loose Change? Taylor Steele’s 1999 punk rock surf film with a decidedly comedic approach to ‘what would a pro surfer be doing if he didn’t surf?’

We saw some hilariously bad acting from Timmy Curren the Pizza boy, Rob Machado the slacker, Shane Dorian the bartender, Kalani Robb the DJ, Kelly Slater the cheesy rockstar and all your other favourite surfers.

The mix of terrible skits and progressive surfing  (for those days) made for a damn good surf movie which would permanently sit in our VHS player as kids and we’d watch, rewind then watch again before every surf. It was our surf bible of the 90’s, but, there was one section that stood above the rest, a 20 year old Bruce Irons in the double over head Mentawai’s absolute dominating to the beat of Sprung Monkey’s ‘American Made’ – It was revolutionary shit! 

17 years later and it’s still my go to for great rail surfing and a bit of a laugh. Flick that play button and relive your gromhood for two and a half minutes.