Volcano Mud Hell

Getting stuck in the mud is never fun, but getting stuck in ‘volcano mud’ is another story all together. And these guys had plenty of time to experience it, as they got stuck in a very isolated part of Island, 4 hours from the closest road. Nothing they had experience until then would help them to manage the situation. But as professional adventurer the team is able to find a a solution. Not very usual, but only the result count !

The Halo Effect is a movie about three of the world’s best kayakers (including Steve Fisher), who take a two-month journey to the Scandinavian paddling meccas of Iceland and Norway. While they search inside the arctic circle for rapids and waterfalls that have never been run, they’re also searching for the elusive moments when the stars align and everything goes perfectly, but sometimes, in the blink of an eye things go horribly wrong. The inevitable externalities of their main goal are what they call The Halo Effect.

The Halo Effect won 2011 X-Dance Best Adventure Film & National Paddling Film Festival Best in Show. Watch now www.garage.com.au/movies/outdoors/5926/halo-effect