Watch: Catamaran Peelers at Gasoline

This is almost unbelievable, a necessary addition to Weird Waves Of The World. The River Tejo in Portugal produces an epic knee high peeling left (wait for it…) with the helping hand of Catamarans.   partywaveportugalx630 On certain days and hours depending on the tide and moon, keen Portuguese surfers wait patiently for the powerful boats to pass. Actually, when catamarans pass by the group of surfers, they wave their hands asking the skipper to accelerate, in order to get bigger and better waves. portugalwave It all sounds pretty legit but it’s not all wave your arms and send us a wave, you need to factor in the tide, wind, the speed of the boat, the boat capacity, some days no one gets a wave but the chat in the line up would be interesting – everyone contending for the one and maybe only wave of the day. portugalwave2 There are only 6 days in which you can surf this novelty wave, waves only appear in the time between the two catamarans crossing and just like the ocean certain swells produce certain types of waves, well legend has it there is a special catamaran with special artificial wave powers that produces the best wake…It comes at 8:20, you could imagine the line up crowd at that time. portugal-wave3 Check out more Weird Waves Of The World

Find out more about this wave, GASOLINE is a documentary about this incredible wave, now playing on Garage: