Weird Waves Of The World – Clarence River, Australia


What’s a Weird Waves Of The World Series without a river wave produced by a fishing trawler? We head to the Clarence River in Yamba, Australia for some trawler surfing!

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There isn’t much to this weird wave, you could do it basically anywhere in the world, all you’d need is (obviously) a fishing trawler and a damn long stretch of river that has a good sand bank for a wave to peel off – The Clarence River has just that and the best thing about it…swing the trawler round and surf your forehand! Watch the video of this awesome wave: (From Creative Destruction)

Pro surfers Laurie Towner and Wade Goodall were lucky enough to have the opportunity to tear this fun park apart. “I was so excited all day, everyone was screaming and yelling and cheering, i would get a wave and come in then run up the beach with my camera and film someone, then run up the end of the point and film the guy going the other way, run back jump on and surf’  Said Goodall.


Photo: Ryan Williams / Swellnet This super fun wave came to life thanks to the help of trawler owner and Yamba local, Kevin Murphy and board shaper Will Webber. Will is the brother of wave pool entrepreneur Greg Webber, you can see where Greg got the inspiration and model for his wave pool concept.


Greg Webber’s Wave Pool design


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Clip from Runamuk Visuals ‘Creative Destruction’ series, watch the full Odds & Ends movie now on Garage Entertainment.