Weird Waves Of The World – Wave Generator

Photo credit: @ianbirdphoto

We’ve seen some unsual sights in the Weird Waves Of The World series; shipwreck wedges, catamaran runners, trawler tubes but nothing quite like this, feast your eyes on Otis Carey and Ozzie Wright air show in front of a wave generator, makes for a pretty picture huh!

This little left handed gem is just a couple of hours South of Sydney, directly in front of a coal terminal. The wave generator that’s perched just metres from the take off was decommissioned back in 2009 and these days just a rusted pile of steel. The company responsible for it went into receivership and with no cash in the bank, they gave repeated broken promises to remove it.

The surroundings of this unusual location make for an interesting pic and local Photographer Chris Phillips puts the abandoned pile of steel to good use with a few behind shots, featured below starring Craig Anderson.

This clip is featured in Kill The Matador, a Otis Carey Project. Watch it now on Garage: