When Streetbike Stunts Don’t Go To Plan

If you really want to do wheelies and endo’s and stand up on your streetbike, there’s no stopping you. So to help reduce the inevitable pain you will experience, here are a few pointers I picked up from this short clip: 1. Look where you are going.  2. Wear leathers. 3. Don’t stand or ride next to your mate who is doing stunts on their street bike. 4. Don’t do wheelies on a highway median strip. 5. Don’t get on the back of the bike that is doing any stunts – Especially if your driver is kitted up and you’re in short-shorts and a boob-tube.

These guys don’t crash all the time though… They pull off some pretty crazy stunts in the full film, ‘Judgment Day 3’. Check it out on Garage Entertainment now.

judgement-day-3 watchfull