Wingsuit Flying Between The 900-ft Buildings Of Panama City. Just Incredible

Meet Brandon Mikesell, 28-years-old and from the city of Seattle. Brandon isn’t your usual dude, he is highly skilled in Wingsuit flying and his lastest achievement – jumping out of a helicopter at 4,000 feet and flying between the buildings of Panama City at 200km/h. The absolutely incredible footage was filmed with a GoPro attached to his helmet, closely followed by wingsuit cameraman Ben Verde and a cameraman set up in a building as he flew past capturing different angles of the flight. See video above.

We had a quick catch to Brandon about his latest flight.


What an amazing feat. Tell us what the feeling was like to fly through the buildings of Panama.

Flying through the buildings felt so surreal! It’s extremely hard to get the permits to do this in a city, so to actually get everything set up was absolutely amazing. Truly a dream come true. 


How much time did you put into planning this project?

Planning this project went on for several months. There are so many moving parts in this project that everything had to be planned out to the T. So many things are happening in a city that make this project very difficult. We have to account for the moving cars, power lines, light poles, people walking, and the very small landing areas. These are all things that we account for and plan. We do this by walking the city for many days before hand, getting with our pilot for detailed planning, and mentally prepping for every scenario. Most people would never believe the amount of time that gets put into these projects. 


What was the response like from the people of Panama City?

The people there were extremely happy, and a pleasure to have around. Whenever we landed we were accompanied by high fives, cheers, and smiles. It was our pleasure to be invited into such a beautiful country and be allowed to do this. They were awesome!


What next?

Just wait and see!