The Extreme Life Of Wingsuit Legend, Jeb Corliss

Jeb Corliss, arguably the greatest wingsuit pilot of all time, Jeb is responsible for steering the sport of wingsuit flying to where it is today. Some call him innovative and others call him just plain crazy, the stunts he regularly attempts tip toe the line that divide the two.


Jeb’s career defining achievements and near career ending accidents are a mile long, if someone says “That’s impossible” Jeb will answer “watch and learn”. Back in 99, Corliss had a near fatal accident BASE jumping into the Howick Falls in South Africa, his parachute opening was asymmetric and impacted with the falling water.

A screenshot of Jeb Corliss’ terrifying BASE jump accident in South Africa in 99.

Four years later, he and Aussie wingsuit pal Dwain Weston attempted a double wingsuit flight under and over the Royal Gorge Bridge, Jeb was to fly under the bridge and Dwain to fly over, Dwain tragically hit the bridge at nearly 200km/h dying on impact, Corliss had to take evasive action to avoid colliding with Weston’s body. 

In 2011, Jeb became the first ever to wingsuit through a waterfall, that same year he leaped out of a heli at 6,000 feet and glided through a 100-ft wide archway in China. 

POV screenshot of Jeb’s waterfall stunt in 2011

In 2012, Corliss broke both ankles, a foot full of toes and his fibula attempting to skim over a rock ledge to hit a target whilst wingsuit flying, he miraculously maintained his composure and pulled out of the death tumble cleared some additional ledges and deployed his chute, he was airlifted to hospital moments later.

Jeb moments before impact in 2012

Just one year later, Corliss was back at it again but this time with success, Corliss jumped out of a helicopter and flew through a narrow crack in Mount Jianglang in China he named ‘Flying Dagger’. After safely completing the jump Corliss quoted ‘…the single gnarliest thing I’ve ever done…’ and ‘I have never experienced anything so hardcore. Period. I have not been that scared in my life. It was so powerful and overwhelming. I started crying…” big words from a man that nearly died 3 times. 

Jeb gliding through the ‘Flying Dagger’ gap in China one year after his accident in 2012

Get an in-depth look into Jeb’s life in the new documentary ‘Flying Dagger’ – the film shows the pain staking recovery from his accident in 2012 to his career high one year later in China, the film takes you through the extreme highs and lows of an adrenaline junkie and what it takes to live life on the very edge, this film is a must watch for all action sports enthusiasts. 

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