5 Must See Action Sports Films

There are a lot of incredible action/extreme sports films currently circulating our screens, big and small. That can make it hard to decide what to watch. So, here’s our pick of 5 must see extreme sports films. It doesn’t matter if they are or aren’t your sport of choice, these films will blow you away regardless.

To help you decide, we’ve pulled 5 epic clips from the 5 must see films. Happy watching.

1. The Art of Flight  

This would be the most well known movie of the 5. And for good reason. It is incredible. Amazing riding, surreal locations and beautiful cinematography. This back country line featuring Travis Rice only scratches the surface of how awesome this film is. 

Watch full film here: www.garage.com.au/movies/snow/5156/the-art-of-flight

2. Fighting Fear

Fighting Fear follows the story of big wave surfer Mark Matthews and his best mate Richie Vaculik, an aspiring MMA champion. Both have a love for big waves and both are fearless. Shipsterns in 1000 frames per second is a truly humbling vision. Here’s a teaser.

Watch full film here: www.garage.com.au/movies/surf/5278/fighting-fear

3. Where the Trail Ends

Where the Trial Ends is the Art of Flight of mountain biking. Multiple countries, amazing terrains, hardcore riding and unreal cinematography. You don’t want to miss this one.

 Watch full film here: www.garage.com.au/movies/bike/5171/where-the-trail-ends

4. Wingmen

Base jumping is one thing. Wingsuit flying is another. Proximity wingsuit flying is on a whole new level. These guys are flying between cliff faces only metres apart and over hills just feet from the ground at speeds of up to 220mph! Follow them as they conquer the most impressive flights ever attempted.

 Watch full film here: www.garage.com.au/movies/outdoors/7984/wingmen

5. On any Sunday 

This film covers breathtaking action and emotion across all motorcycle disciplines. Featuring phenomenal athletes, modern day Evil Kenevils and revolutionary innovators in FMX all the way to Speed Racing. Shot in 4K Ultra HD, this is bound to blow your mind.  

Watch full film here: www.garage.com.au/movies/moto/6218/on-any-sunday-the-next-chapter

Which films would you add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.