A Childhood Dream

Is this heaven? It’s every boys childhood dream, to have their very own ‘sandlot’ amongst the trees in the forest far from anywhere their parents or the ‘old ones’ could find them, their very own hide out and a place to call their own.


With towering tree houses in the pines and hammocks near by, a spa bath with a view to relax on sunset and the final touch, a well crafted concrete skate park, the only piece of concrete for kilometres Such a thing for many is just dream but not for Foster Huntington.


Now an adult, Foster has decided to say goodbye forever to the noisy city life, the fast life. Foster moved to the forest, far from noise in the city and away from the stresses of everyday life bringing his childhood dream and like minded friends with him. This is Foster Huntington’s

dream…. kuka-drvo-rajij-08-300x300 kuka-drvo-rajij-07-300x300 kuka-drvo-rajij-02-300x300 kuka-drvo-rajij-27-300x300 kuka-drvo-rajij-09-300x300 kuka-drvo-rajij-10-300x300 kuka-drvo-rajij-12-300x300 tumblr_nbwdfaQ5PL1ts8049o1_1280-680x453 tumblr_ncdah7aAvI1ts8049o5_1280-680x690 tumblr_ndtq5bVlC51ts8049o1_1280-680x680

All Photos by Foster Huntington