Albee Layer Lands One Of The Cleanest 540 Alley Oops You’ve Ever Seen

Via Swell Cinema

At the end of 2014 we saw the release of the surf film Attractive Distractions, which in a lot of surfers’ opinions was, and still is one of the best surf movies of all time. One of the standouts in the film is of course Albee Layer, who also co-directed along with Matt Meola and Dan Norkunas.

We thought we’d throwback to the film with this clip of Albee stomping one of the cleanest 540 alley oops we’ve ever seen. Apparently it was Albee’s goal to get the full rotation, but this was where he landed. Either way, it looks amazing. Also, this was the very last clip that was shot for the film.

Watch the full film here: