“Alejandro” – Chronicles: The Making of Proximity Episode 2

What happens when you pair two of the world’s most stylish goofy footers, Craig Anderson and Rob Machado in the longest, cleanest, hollowest lefts in the world? You get magic, it’s simple. Throw in one of the greatest photographers in the sport Alejandro Berger to shoot the pair with the direction of Taylor Steele and you have better than magic.

Proximity, is a new film project by award-winning filmmaker Taylor Steele, the film pairs surfing’s living legends with today’s most progressive young surfers in diverse locations around the world. Over the next few months we will be taking you behind the scenes of the project in the new and exlusive web series Chronicles – The Making of Proximity presented by LifeProof

In this episode of Chronicles – The Making of Proximity we introduce you to the Director of Photography Alejandro Berger. Alejandro is responsible for some of the most memorable campaigns in the surfing, including the Corona Commercials and Mick Fanning’s Missing to hang his hat on. Alejandro’s ability to speak multiple languages, shoot from both the land and the water makes him the perfect Director of Photography for Taylor’s latest project.

Proximity is produced in conjunction with Garage Entertainment and TGR. 

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