Ashley Fiolek, 24, Deaf And A Motocross Champion.

Ashley is a 24 years old motocross rider from Michigan. She won the Women Motocross Championship four times, in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. But unlike her opponents she can’t hear other competitors coming. In fact she is deaf since birth. Ashley-Fiolek_3 But this didn’t seem to stop her reaching her dreams. Ashley is actually the first deaf athlete taking part in motocross competition. Watch the interview with Ashley and her father Jim with Conan O’Brien and her amazing riding ability:

An excerpt from On Any Sunday now streaming on Garage Entertainment.

Ashley has now stopped competing after a few set backs due to injuries, she now teaches less fortunate woman to ride Motorbikes and enjoy the sport as she does. Ashley-Fiolek_9 With Iranian champion Noora Moghaddas, Ashley is helping women in Middle East to become stronger through teaching them to ride. Ashley still rides at home in the Michigan mountains with her family and her dad especially. Ashley-Fiolek_8 Be inspired, See more of Ashley’s story in the new Red Bull Moto movie On Any Sunday, now streaming on Garage.