Behind The Scenes of LUMA with Russell Ord

Behind The Scenes of LUMA

When Garage and Oakley met to discuss the LUMA project starring their up and coming team riders Ethan Ewing & Sheldon Simkus, they wanted to pull together a team of elite lensmen to capture both motion and stills – Mikey Mallalieu and Tom Jennings were an obvious choice behind the video camera for their incredible ability with the RED epic, but, we wanted someone that could tell a story through photography and that will capture the bright colours of the Western Australian coast and also be in the perfect spot to capture crazy waves of Ethan and Sheldon charging – Who else other than Australian surf photographer Russell Ord.

Russell Ord is responsible for some of the best and most memorable photography in surfing. He’s shot with the world’s best surfers in some of the heaviest surf locations on the planet and to sweeten the deal, Russell hails from Margret River, Western Australia, so he knows this coastline and waves like the back of his hand.

We caught up with Russell Ord between shooting to discuss the trip and all things photography – here’s what the man had to say.

Shot in #OakleyPrizm colour.

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