XL Swell Hits Waimea Bay

A while back we posted a video of an epic session that went down at the Wedge on California’s Newport Beach. With perfect weather, pumping waves, and absolute carnage, it’s everything you’d want in a clip. Well, now we present you with Waimea Bay’s answer to that video.

How’s this for kicking off the new year with a bang! On January 4 Waimea Bay came alive as the North Shore was hit with a huge swell. Combine this with a line-up of big wave shredders and you’ve got yourself one hell of a clip. Surfers include: Ross Clarke-Jones, Takayuki Wakita, Makua Rothman, Chris Owens, Leandro Usuna, Ryan Hipwood, Schuyler Allen, Emi Erickson, Nahuel Amalfitano, Keoki Saguibo, Mikey O’shaugnessy, Ben Wilkonson. And a lot of unidentified chargers.