Behind Simon Dumont’s Quarter-Pipe Highest Air World Record

When Simon Dumont set the world record for highest air from a quarter-pipe back in 2008 there were 3 days of failure prior to it. On the first day he fell 60 feet to flat, severely bruising his heel and aggravating an existing knee injury. On the second day, after a few more sketchy bails, he weighed up the pros and cons and decided the reward wasn’t worth the risk. He no longer wanted it. He was over it. 

A day went by as heavy winds postponed the stunt and the next day Simon turned up with a relaxed attitude and no plan on taking out the record. He was just keen to hit the quarter with his mates and have some fun. As the day went on he felt more and more comfortable and relaxed. He eventually hiked an additional 15 feet up the hill to gain more speed, crouched into a tucked position, reached 55 mph down the in-run and launched himself 35.5 feet above the 38 foot quarter-pipe. Smashing the record while throwing a huge cork 900 tail grab in the process. Epic.