Drone Surfing Is Finally Here!

Just when we thought the beloved drone couldn’t get any more awesome, this video of the team at Freefly Systems using a drone to surf just got released. No waves? No worries, now you can enjoy surfing whenever you damn well please!



A great idea, yes, however unfortunately Drone Surfing isn’t as practical as it might seem. Firstly, you have to take a running start as the drone isn’t powerful enough to pull you from a standing position. Secondly, you only get about 2 minutes of surfing in before the battery dies, which would probably get a bit frustrating. And lastly, unless you’ve got a spare $17,495, you won’t be owning one of these drones any time soon.

Will Drone Surfing revolutionise the world of surf? I highly doubt it. It will most likely join the long list of failed surfing inventions such as the wave-jet or jetboard. But hey, this video is nonetheless an entertaining watch.