Extreme Lounge Room Sports

Why leave the house at all when you can get rad in your own lounge room, everyone knows the conditions are always better in the comfort of your own bedroom or lounge room, especially on the couch…It’s alway’s offshore on the couch! Photographer Tim McPherson has captured children’s imaginations in these images perfectly

macpherson2 The kid that wants to be a professional surfer when he grows up macpherson1 The little girl that aspires to win gold for her country in downhill skiing macpherson3 The mini Evil knievel looking to jump a world record macpherson5 The little freediver passionate about the deep blue tim-macpherson8 The adventurous little girl keen to see the the world from a better view. tim-macpherson6 The little adrenaline seeker living life on the edge and to the fullest tim-macpherson7 The Shaun White lover looking to push the boundaries in Action Sports