Female Trio BASE Jump World’s Tallest Waterfall

Three female pro BASE jumpers teamed up from around the globe to fulfil a lifelong dream… to jump the world’s tallest waterfall, Venezuela’s Angel Falls. The waterfall drops over the edge of the Auyanytepui mountain (translation – ‘The Devil’s Mountain’), and reaches a staggering height of 3,212ft!

The female adventurers (Livia Dickie, Anniken Binz and Ana Isabel Dao) had to navigate a free fall dangerously close to the mountain wall, a blinding mist and an unpredictable landing in an inhospitable, dense forest. Due to the extreme risks this jump is rarely attempted by BASE jumpers – this is not something you’ll get to see every day…

Follow these super skilled gals on their BASE jumping adventures around the world,  watch ‘Falling Angels’ on Garage now!

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