From The Skate Vault: 15 Year Old Ryan Sheckler’s ‘Almost Round 3’ Video Part

Ryan Sheckler needs no intro, young, skilled and can work a crowd, with an impressive résumé, including three X Games Gold Medals and a hit reality TV show on MTV. The Cure also need no intro, One of the best ever alternative rock bands to come out of the U.K with an award winning and nomination list a mile long – Brit awards, MTV awards and Grammy nominations.

Lets grab a young Shecks (15 years old) and a top 20 Cure song (”Why Can’t I Be You?”) of the 80’s and jam them together to make up a damn good video part, Featured in Almost Round 3 (the third instalment of the classic Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song video trilogy)

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