GARAGE HEROES: Shane McConkey (R.I.P)

Welcome to Garage Heroes. We’ll be diving into the action sports hall of fame and hand picking our favourite athletes and all round legends that have turned their sport on it’s head, the athletes pushing the envelope. We’ll be pulling their highlights from the best featured films in the Garage library. To cut the red ribbon on Garage heroes we call on the legacy of Shane McConkey. McConkey-21 For those who know and have heard the name Shane McConkey, you’d know his legacy and for those who haven’t, We introduce the man as one of Action Sports true innovators and characters. Mcconkey_BASE On March 26, 2009, the professional skier and BASE jump pioneer died while executing a ski-BASE jump in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. One of his skis failed to release, sending him into a spin. After he corrected the problem, it was too late to deploy his parachute. That day Action Sports lost a true hero, Shane was 39 years young. McConkey-mag McConkey played ‘the jokester’ in the best freeski films of our generation: McConkey (2013), Superheroes of Stokes (2012), In Deep: The Skiing Experience (2009), Claim (2008), Seven Sunny Days (2007), Steep (2007),  Yearbook (2005), Focused (2004) and many more. Check out Shane in the James Bond scene featured in Seven Sunny Days, a good tribute video to McConkey and the character that was:

McConkey’s most recent feature film is appropriately labelled “McConkey” released in 2013, a multi-award winning documentary about the life of a champion, his achievements, family and that day in Italy that shook the ski world. If you’re up for an action packed heart stopper and a new hero, watch McConkey on Garage now: