Giant Wave Hits Hawaiian Beach… Wipes Everyone Out

Giant waves, spurred on by El Niño, crashed into the northern shore of Kauai earlier this year.

As huge wave after huge wave hit the beach, a section protected by rocks supplied a safe-ish spot for young locals to mess with the massive shories without being dragged out to sea. However, when the waves hit the rocks, an explosion of whitewash is launched sky high and huge amounts of water throw the daring locals around.

It’s all fun and games until a monster wave hits, powering way over the rock ledge, sweeping everyone off their feet and around the side of the protected area. No one was hurt in this scene but many cameras and phones were lost to the Pacific Ocean. Spectators (further inland) were knocked over by powerful knee high currents and fumbled their belongings into the receding waters. 

Make sure you watch this one until the end. The last wave is huge!

Footage belongs to Youtube Channel: Radu

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