Weird Waves Of The World – Missoula, Montana

Welcome back to Weird Waves of The World, it’s not pumping but it’s still shredable, we are talking the river wave of Missoula, Montana. We’ve visited all parts of the globe in the Weird Waves Of The World Series finding all sorts of waves in places unimaginable, Missoula is no different, a landlocked city on the western shoulder of the Northern Rocky Mountains. Montana_1 The Missoula river wave reaches shoulder height, it’s not diverse but at least it’s consistent, the wave breaks all day every day and don’t stress about any clean up sets. Montana_3 The tiny population of people that surf the river wave are a passionate few. Kevin Benhart, who goes by “KB.” is one of the few. Kevin grew up on the whitewater kayaking circuit. Montana_4 At a young age KB recognised the river tribe and opened The Strongwater Mountain Surf Company in Missoula in 2008, KB produces river boards perfect for the local conditions. Watch KB and friends in action on this weird wave of the world:

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