Holding On The Movie – The Skid Kids Story

Where were you in the 1990’s during the rise of bodyboarding? “Holding On’ is the incredible true story of a group of friends from Cronulla known as the ‘Skid Kids’, a band of brothers who innovated the all new way of bodyboarding. Their not give a shit attitude in and out of the water and charging crazy waves gave them recognition globally and change the sport of bodyboarding forever. This is the era of the controversial debate – surfers vs bodyboarders and where it all began, with interviews from the colourful characters of both sports. Watch the trailer:

The film is due for a national cinema release in November. Until then, keep an eye on their official website at http://www.holdingon-movie.com/ Riders : Dave Ballard, Nathan Purcell, Adam Smith, Matt Percy, Christian Riguccini, Mark Fordham A Momentum 1 Production Image Credit: Chris Stroh