Living The Indonesian Dream With Sean Gilhooley

Love the Indo dream? Finally clocked up enough holidays to leave reality behind and jump on a flight to the land of warm water, perfect barrels and cold Bintangs? We’ve got something for you to watch before you board that flight.

Indo Style is the latest surf film from Aussie abroad Sean Gilhooley. Sean resided in Bali over 6 years ago and lives the life you wish you lived, working for the Indo pro tour and shooting perfect waves day in, day out.

‘Things are really different, there’s no anxiety here man, they’re just like on the whatever program and that was really appealing to me, that was something I wanted to understand better because that’s how I wanted to be’ Says Sean about the Indo life.

Indo Style delves into the life of Balinese legend Rizal Tanjun and key moments that launched Rizal’s surfing career including the memorable barrel at Pipeline which scored him the cover of Surfing Magazine to starring in some of the best surf movies of our time; including Taylor Steele’s Loose ChangeHit and RunStranger Than Fiction and Sipping Jetstreams.

‘That wave changed my life you know, it pretty much put Indonesian surfing on the map…I was young and people pay me to travel the world, it was the best life ever you know’

With interviews and top notch surfing from veterans of the sport; Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater and Gerry Lopez and some of most perfect barrels Indonesia, Philippines and Maldives have to offer, Indo Style will get you hyped to pack your quiver and book your ticket to the land of the long perfect barrel.

Watch the full film now on Garage: