Long Live The Nude Bowl

Ahhh the nude bowl, a refreshing piece of Skate history….Unfamiliar with the concrete (and desert) paradise? Here is a quick history lesson.

Located in the Desert Springs of California lies the nude bowl, once part of an old abandoned nudist colony named ‘Desert Gardens Ranch’ (hence the name) the nude bowl play host to some of the best bowl shredding of the 70’s and 80’s skate scene. Good times and some damn impressive bowl skating use to go down, people would come far and wide to shred or at least attend the infamous parties hosted by the local skaters.

By the 90’s, it was basically a desert ‘fight club’ the place was a mecca for out of control parties, drugs and crazy desert brawls.
After complaints of gun shots and fist fight injuries the police shut the place down and filled The Nude Bowl with dirt to stop skaters and party goers from coming, the place went un-skated for years.

Thanks to a bunch of keen skaters, the famous kidney pool was dug up,¬†restored and resurrected…Apart from the occasional graffiti make-over the Nude Bowl is back and a new generation of skaters come from all over the world come to skate the epic land mark.¬†LONG LIVE THE NUDE BOWL!

VIEW MORE to watch the video of Chris Russel tearing apart the nude bowl: