Old Abandoned Church Transformed Into EPIC Mini Ramp

Originally designed by Asturian architect Manuel del Busto in 1912, the church was abandoned for years and falling to bits without maintenance, a grouped called ‘Church Brigade’ saw it’s potential and with a little help from the deep pockets of Red Bull transformed this once dilapidated church into a skate haven which they appropriately named ‘Kaos Temple’

The finishing touches came from Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel giving this place an extreme make-over with his incredible talent, covering the walls and ceilings with his unique signature colourful geometric touch.

Watch the video above to see an interview with Okuda talking about his inspiration both for Kaos temple and his other works around the world. Then check out the incredible images below by photographer Lucho Vidales, this place truly is a work of art and a photographer, skater and artists dream.

Photographer: Lucho Vidales