Pro Climber Leo Holding Base Jumps in Complete Whiteout

During a 2 hr training climb to the peaks of Los Mallos De Riglos (two 300m towers situated in Riglos, Spain) the weather conditions severely changed for pro climbers, Leo Holding and Carlos Suarez. The climbing duo had intended to base jump from each peak, but became apprehensive as they were engulfed by a complete whiteout, with no idea of what level the bottom of the cloud was. Would you backtrack down this 300m mountain, or have the guts to just jump?

And that was just a practice run for the 2,015m climb and wingsuit descent of Mt Asgard! Check out Leo Holding and fellow climbers attempt to make a first free ascent and wingsuit descent on the North Tower of Mt Asgard, in ‘The Asgard Project’ now available on Garage.

The Asgard Project Poster